About overseas business

We started from a desire to see our customers smile. We offer genuine tonkotsu ramen to the people of the world, who will have no other choice but to say “What a Taste!”

Upholding a philosophy of satisfying every customer with a bowl of ramen, we serve what we are particular about even overseas: “Secret Sauce,” “Specially-made Noodles,” “Ultimate Broth,” and “Japanese-style Service.” We serve ramen that makes customers smile and rave “What a taste!”
Nowadays, even with some many ramen shops in many countries around the world, we serve genuine tonkotsu ramen with the real taste of Japan.

We hear people all over the world say “What a taste!” created from our combination of “Secret Sauce” that took three years of constant effort to come up with and “Ultimate Broth” using umami ingredients extracted from the slow stewing of tonkotsu pork bone.

We have expanded our overseas business wishing to deliver the taste of our tonkotsu ramen to more people who have not yet savored genuine ramen.
First, try a serving of our ramen. Then, our future together will start.