Management philosophy

Upholding a basic philosophy of satisfying customers with a bowl of ramen on which we were founded, we continue to be faithful to each and every customer and serve history-supported taste with sincerity.

Started from a small “Handmade” shop.

In order to deliver the taste of genuine tonkotsu ramen, we continue to serve an exclusive taste so that every customer can say “What a taste!” from the heart by “Selecting High-quality Ingredients,” “Extracting Umami from Ingredients,” and using our original “Secret Sauce.”

Co-existence and co-prosperity

Franchisees are important partners. With the goal of expanding our ramen base, we strongly support our partners through our know-how to produce not only products but also a comfortable cuisine environment and quality customer service.
In a united and cooperative effort with franchisees, we would like to develop together with them as trustworthy partners.

Challenge to No.1 in the industry

We place importance on not only our taste and customer satisfaction but also our franchisees, our staff, business associates, and local communities in which our shops operate.
We continue to build on our framework that is strong in all aspects of company management with the objective of having the No.1 presence in the industry.

Quality control

We obtained international certification in quality management ISO9001: 2008 (Chinese soy sauce at the head office factory).
Upholding a motto of security, safety, and cleanliness, we perform thorough quality management.

We provide genuine tonkotsu ramen by our original method using umami ingredients, so that every customer can say “What a taste!” from the heart. This well-founded strength is backed up by our thorough quality management that adheres to security, safety, and cleanliness.

Staff training is ensured to take all possible measures with regard to quality management including ingredients, processes, and equipment.
In overseas expansion, we support quality management and staff training with our utmost energy upholding the motto of security, safety, and cleanliness.


The history behind a bowl of ramen can be found in the background to our ramen having been loved since its foundation in 1970.
The reason for being loved not only in Japan but also all over the world can be found in the history of ultimate ramen with a taste having reached completion after three years of constant effort.

May 1970 Founder opens “Ramen Center Yamagoya” in Kawara-machi, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture.
May 1994 Y.S. Food Co., Ltd. incorporated for the purpose of management of restaurants and participation in FC member shops.
September 1994 An affiliated company, Y.S. System Co., Ltd. incorporated.
Started supply of kitchen equipment to directly-managed shops and sale to FC member shops.
February 1995 Registered office newly established in Oaza-Kagamiyama, Kawara-machi, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture.
August 1995 Opened “Yamagoya Sone Bypass Shop,” the first directly-managed shop in Kokura-Minami-ku, Kitakyushu City.
March 1996 Opened “Yamagoya Shimonoseki Shop,” the first directly-managed shop in the Chugoku District.
March 1996 Made Y.S. System Co., Ltd. a 100% owned subsidiary.
December 1996

Established a new factory in Kawara Industrial Park at Kagamiyama, Kawara-machi, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Production system established to consistently supply food ingredients to 200 shops.
November 1999 Opened “Yamagoya Fuji GRAND Matsuyama Shop,” the first directly-managed shop in Shikoku District.
March 2001 Opened “Yamagoya MERX Shin-Narashino Shop,” the first directly-managed shop in the Kanto District.
June 2001 Opened “Yamagoya MERX Usa Shop” in Usa City, Oita as a directly-managed shop simultaneously serving grilled beef.
December 2001 Opened the first “Basaraka” shop in Yahata-nishi-ku, Kitakyushu City as an FC Shop.
March 2002 Became a regular member of the Japan Franchise Association.
June 2002 Head office obtained ISO9001 certification (noodles, jiao-zi, roast pork, and Chinese soy sauce).
July 2002

Opened “Kagoshima-zanmai Umaimon Ichiba,” a new type directly-managed shop in Kokura-Minami-ku, Kitakyushu City.

Successfully opened our 100th shops (directly-managed: 31 shops, FC: 69 shops).
April 2004 Acquired shares of Taiko FOODS Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells “Saga-no-Surigoma” and made it a 100% subsidiary.
June 2004 Opened “Yamagoya Ramen Kokugijo Sendaibasho Shop,” the first directly-managed shop in the Tohoku District.
August 2004 Head office was relocated to adjacent land in Kawara Industrial Park.
February 2005 Listed our stock on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange, Inc. (Security Code: 3358).
March 2005 Successfully opened our 150th shops (directly-managed: 55 shops, FC: 95 shops).
December 2005 Established a new factory and started operation to prepare a production system to consistently supply food ingredients to 500 shops.
May 2006 Incorporated Yamagoya (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a joint venture, in Thailand.
July 2006 Merged with Y.S. System Co., Ltd.
July 2006 Kawara head office relocated and opened a new building.
September 2006 Yamagoya (Thailand) Co., Ltd. opened Yamagoya Thong Lo Shop, the first shop in Thailand.
May 2008 Yamagoya (Thailand) Co., Ltd. opened Ratchyothin Shop, the first Basaraka Shop in Thailand.
September 2008 Incorporated Fukuoka Seimen Co., Ltd., a 100% subsidiary.
August 2009 Opened Yamagoya Shenzhen Shop, the first shop in China.
September 2010 Opened Yamagoya Taipei Shop, the first shop in Taiwan.
January 2012 Opened Yamagoya UOB PLAZA Shop, the first shop in Indonesia.
April 2012 Opened Yamagoya Solaris Dutamas Publika Shop, the first shop in Malaysia.
March 2013 Opened Ikkoryu Manila Shop, the first shop in Philippines.
March 2013 Opened Yamagoya Costa Shop, the first shop in Macau.
July 2013 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. JASDAQ (Standard) in association with the consolidation of the cash markets of the Osaka Securities Exchange Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
April 2014 Opened Yamagoya Yangon Shop, the first shop in Myanmar.
August 2014 Opened Yamagoya Ho Chi Minh Shop, the first shop in Vietnam.
April 2015 Opened Ikkoryu Melbourne CBD Shop, the first shop in Australia.
April 2015 Merged a subsidiary, “Fukuoka Seimen Co., Ltd.”
September 2015 Transferred our stocks of subsidiary, “Taiko FOODS Co., Ltd”

Corporate Profile

Company Name Y.S. FOOD CO., LTD.
Address 552-8 Kanayama, Kagamiyama, Kawara-machi, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Telephone +81-947-32-7382
FAX +81-947-32-7598
Incorporation May 1994
Capital \1.002 billion
Sales (consolidation) \1.901 billion (FY 2014)
Closing of Account

March once a year

Major Line Banks


Business Line Management of Chikuho Ramen directly-managed shops, etc.
Participation for member shops and instruction to member shops of Chikuho Ramen Franchise Chain
Manufacture and sale of food ingredients, noodles and sauces
Real estate lease business
Shop planning and shop design and construction